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Black Belts Kenpo Academy INC: Kenpo Karate CARE 1-Pre Kindergarten. 2-After School CARE. 3-Karate SCHOOL.
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From my martial arts experience, I wanted to make a difference in the children daycare stage. I knew in our daycare we can make a difference in the children's lives. As we teach them to respect themselves and others, become better listeners at home and at school, Do homework with pride, Focus on tasks, Be organized, Build their self esteem, Strengthen self confidence, Promote a positive attitude and develop good character! Our classes bring out the best in the children in a safe and fun way and provide a healthy and energetic outlet. We teach discipline and promote physical and mental well-being. I started martial arts training over 30 years ago, won international championships, was awarded from the Florida Karate Hall of Fame as teacher of the year and the school of the year four times! The last award was 2013 as professor of the year. Now I am 6th degree black belt. My teacher is Manny Reyes Sr, the top Kenpo Karate teacher in Florida and South America, the President of The World Kenpo Federation. At this time I am the director of The World Kenpo Federation, 26 schools and hundreds of students members strong. Our other school instructor is Miss Shani Silva 2nd degree and awarded from Karate Hall of Fame! Our daycare director is Mrs Karan Silva who has over 15 years experience and has received many awards and accomplishments as a licensed director with all credentials from Department of Children and Family. Our staff are certified child care teachers with credentials and experience, assures to keep the children safe and happy. Black Belts Kenpo Academy is licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services. We offer a Pre-K Day care for three and four year olds,We Offer V.P.K. Program and an after school program with karate classes included. View Munis Abunuwar's profile on LinkedIn

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We are a licensed Day Car After-school care .$65/wk Karate School $100/month e in Margate Florida! We offer PRE.K. 3 & 4 years old and the V.P.K. and after school care. We provide quality childcare during the day for your little preschoolers as well as an extensive aftercare program for the older ones with free professional karate classes! We do accept family central and we have FREE V.P.K We now have Karate, Dance, Gymnastics, Spanish and Swimming Classes! The rate at our licensed child Pre Kindergarten and after school daycare is the best and included all enrichment. Started in 1995 in Margate as a Karate school, then nine years after we started an after care and then Pre K and V.P.K. We open 7:00am to 6:00pm for Pre K, V.P.K and after schoolers. 6:00pm to 7:00pm for children Karate 7:00pm to 8:30pm Karate adults We pick up children from Margate, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Tmarac and No Lauderdale from public schools to our daycare. We have a snack and then supervised homework bu our teachers to make sure the students do well in school. Then the FUN begins :) KARATE, HIP HOP DANCE, GYMNASTICS , SPANISH AND SWIMMING IN SEASONS . We have Wee games and other entertainment.We have over 2000 SQ.FEET of indoor playground area and out and 4000 SQ. FEET area outside. We have1000 SQ.FEET for homework area and 2000 SQ.FEET for Pre.K and V.P.K classes. We have in house Karate tournaments for our students.... we build CHAMPIONS! Our Pre K and V.P.K teachers are great. They make sure the children are ready to go to the next stage with confidence. We are members of the World Kenpo Federation. We have seminars with some of the best Martial Arts Grand Masters and experts, even Martial Arts movie stars! THE BELT SYSTEM: > A BELT PROMOTION every 3 MONTHS > 10 BELTS , TOTAL 36 MONTHS TO BLACK BELT WITH GOOD CLASS ATTENDANCE . > WE HAVE OUR OWN UNIFORMS AND PACHES AS AMERICAN KENPO KARATE IS ONE OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS STYLE OF KARATE . WE NOMINATE OUR STUDENTS TO THE WORLD KENPO FEDERATION KARATE HALL OF FAME , AS SOME OF OUR STUDENTS RECEIVED AWARDS DUE TO THEIR EFFORTS AND SUCCESS. View Munis Abunuwar's profile on LinkedIn

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    6301 W Atlantic Blvd
    Margate , FL 33063
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